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Street & Smith’s Sports Annuals are written for fervent fans of America’s major sports: baseball, pro and college football and pro and college basketball.

Timed to hit the newsstands well in advance of the start of each season, each publication provides authoritative previews and predictions from some of the most respected sportswriters in the country—complete statistics and schedules, profiles of teams and players, insightful commentary and forecasts, plus fantasy tips.

Combined with vivid color action shots from some of the country’s best sports photographers, Street & Smith’s is considered "America’s Sports Bible" for previews and predictions, being tabbed by the Stassen sports yearbook rating service as providing the most accurate predictions among annuals over the last decade.

With a total of more than 2 million copies, Street & Smith’s has been a part of American sports for more than 60 years. Beginning in 1940 with the first college football edition, Street & Smith’s produced the first publications to offer a complete review of the previous season and comprehensive preview of the coming one.

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Covers shown above from top to bottom: 1964 Pro Football featuring Bart Starr; 1974 Pro Baseball featuring Nolan Ryan; 1987 Pro Basketball featuring Magic Johnson.